Lake Ontario Collaborative Cluster




Cluster Coordinator


Dr. Karl Korfmacher
Environmental Science Program Director
Department of Biological Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
85 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14226


Cluster News

The Lake Ontario Cluster (Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY
Brockport, and Monroe Community College) has approached the curriculum
goal of infusing Great Lakes water quality issues and service learning
into courses from a variety of angles.  At SUNY Brockport and MCC, the
focus has been to introduce Great Lakes modules into introductory
course and to expand those over time.  SUNY Brockport has also
involved the work of a USL in lab exercises involving benthic
macroinvertebrates. At RIT, the focus has been on mid-level and
capstone courses (by catherine).  USLs and community partners have worked with
Environmental Science Field Skills, Great Lakes I and II, and the
Environmental Science Capstone Seminar to expand the scope of group
projects and enhance the outreach component.  For the past few years,
these projects have been presented at Imagine RIT, a public festival
that showcases RIT research and innovation.  Over 40,000 people
attended the 2011 festival, and our exhibit was "liked" by the RIT
Alumni Association (we got a sticker!).  This year's RIT capstone
projects are working with community partners on river otter
monitoring, water quality education and outreach, and a series of
fracking articles for community newspapers (pros and cons of fracking
and a resource library).



Cluster Contact Information


Monroe Community College

Ernie Mellas

Department of Biology

(585) 292-2428


The New York State College of Brockport 

Dr. James Haynes

Environmental Science and Biology

(585) 395-5783


Rochester Institute of Technology

Dr. Elizabeth Dicesare

Environmental Science

(585) 475-5922

Dr. Christine Keiner

Science Technology and Society/Public Policy

(585) 475-4698

Dr. Christy Tyler

Environmental Science

(585) 475-5042




Stewardship Liaisons

Monroe Community College

Laura Lanzafame

(now SUNY Brockport)

Matt Paufve

(now Hobart William Smith College)

Johnny Ramus

(now SUNY Geneseo)


The New York State

College of Brockport 

Matt Laine


Rochester Institute of Technology

Samantha Gonzalez

Lisa Kratzer

Caitlin Treuting

Theo Petenzi




Community Partners

High Acres Nature Area (HANA)

Cindy Jessop

425 Perinton Parkway

Fairport, NY 14450

(585) 223-6132


Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District

Kelly Emerick

Executive Director

1200A Scottsville Road

Suite 160

Rochester, NY 14624

(585) 473-2120


Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District

Lindsey M. Gerstenslager

District Manager

10 Leach Road

Lyons, NY 14489

(315) 946-4136


Kenny Nelson

Education Animal Programs and Training Coordinator

Seneca Park Zoo Society

2222 St. Paul St.

Rochester, NY 14621

Phone: 585-455-8754